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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

March 2012 - All's Right with the World

March 2012
The Leggies in Motion
Miles walked this month 33.6
Total Calories Burned 3270

The Alternative Olympic Legacy
No of Free Tasters Given 31
No of Free Tasters Remaining 924

I LOVE this month!! Well it is my birthday on the 1st and to celebrate I had a little jolly into London
with a dash of shopping thrown in too! (as good for  my well being as a Nordic walk in my book. New dress, new shoes... birthday girlie heaven!) We also took in a show, a spontaneous decision made when we saw the title 'In Basildon! And yes it was about Basildon, or a family in Basildon,Wat Tyler got a mention too! It was a quirky theatre and very apt for a show that you could naturally assume a bit dull, which was not as it happens, an interesting play and experience, and I'm always up for that!

 At this time of year there is even more time to cram even more interesting experiences as the days   get longer and the evenings lighter! It feels such a hopeful month to me, with nature waking up all around us;  I am out and about so much I can observe it in micro detail. it's the first time I've had the time and the awareness to really appreciate my surroundings, and it is something not to be missed! It can't fail to make you HAPPY! And of course the cherry on top is when the clocks go forward and even more daylight tacks on to the end of the day. Here comes the spring ... dootendoodoo....

My BIG THANKS for the support of  Langdon Leggie superstar Teresa Birch this month who organised a Free Taster Session for her colleagues at American Express  in Woodham Ferris, giving a lovely boost to my Legacy targets which hit a record 31 this month. A few more of these and I will get there! Any ideas anyone?

Walk of the Month
The Langdon Leggies at Weald Country Park
To welcome the spring some of us ventured out a bit and explored Weald Country Park,  with thanks going to Glyn Bedson who provided lifts for some of us,  making it an eco friendly expedition too! This lovely park  made up of 550 acres of mixed woodland and grassland plus two lakes and a number of ponds, (although some of these had dried up as a result of the drought), is worth a visit, the deer paddock is a thrill for children and adults
 alike and some of the views are simply stunning due to very considerate and artistic tree planting. The cafe provided a well needed cuppa after , and my Lavender shortbread delighted a few palettes as
well, even if I say so myself!

Spring is nature's way of saying "Let's Party"Robin Williams